Re-branded in 2016 Wings Bird of Prey is not a fledgling to the bird of prey scene by any means, it is a culmination of years of learning and working on other projects where the team now have over 15 solid years of flying birds of prey from the smallest falcons to the largest eagles in a whole manner of environments.

Wings is built on passion and a commitment to the birds welfare – all to often we see poor husbandry and welfare standards by so called professional organisations working in the same area as Wings. The welfare of our birds are paramount and that reflects in the way they behave and look whilst being flown and handled during our many bookings. We carry full public liability, risk assessments, Performing Animals Licence and Transport Licence all available to view on request.

We can cater for all sorts of events but wedding’s and group flying sessions are where we really excel giving you an up close and personal encounter with our fantastic trained birds of prey. We offer handling encounters for individuals which are ran at several stunning locations around the North West and further afield including larger corporate events. We also specialise in offering something unique to weddings whether that be one of our owls delivering your wedding rings, helping with a marriage proposal or an interactive flying display to entertain your guest’s.

Our birds have also been used for things as diverse as film work and pest bird deterrents and with 15 years of experience we are only to happy to advise you on what ever questions you have related to birds of prey. If we are not able to help we will certainly try to find someone who can!

Conservation and education is also at the forefront of everything we do, we believe that the information we give out about our birds needs to be factual and correct based on scientific research and not glorified fantasy facts. Hopefully by the end of any encounter you might have with Wings you will have learnt a little something about these incredible birds and their conservation. We work very closely with the charity Raptor Aid and a percentage of all our bookings goes towards their conservation initiatives.

Thanks for taking the time to visit Wings and please feel free to get in touch with and questions.